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Protect Yourself from the 3rd Wave of COVID-19

5 Ways to Protect Yourself from the 3rd Wave of COVID-19

Coronavirus has invaded our lives for around a year now. Even after living with this dangerous virus for so long and we have started to accommodate it, it still haunts us. 

Time after time there has been a new wave of the similar virus and it has become stronger or different in some or the other way. It has created more hardships for health personnel who are struggling every day to find a permanent cure. 

The primary concern is to cure people who are currently suffering and prevent this deadly virus from spreading from one to another. With each new wave, the old techniques of treatment have become less effective as we have still not identified the actual source of it! It’s shocking in this era of technological advancement, but it’s the harsh reality! 

Many people have suffered from this virus and lost their lives while others have fought and made it out alive.  Many have been capable of being safe and have maintained a balance with performing their daily life chores. 

Living within this pandemic and taking proper precautions to not be affected by the virus itself has become the greatest challenge nowadays. You might be under any of these categories of people but you have to be equally cautious when it comes to dealing with the COVID-19

The new wave of coronavirus has reached the world already, which is considered to be the 3rd wave of it. Medical science has been predicting this 3rd wave to be the strongest and deadliest of all the waves we have seen till now! 

The main reason for saying so is that it is spreading like wildfire and bringing other fungal infections with it. These fungal infections are being found in the human body after their treatment. 

Panic Stricken, isn’t it! Be not, as there are ways to stop this thing from happening to you! Here are the 5 simple yet effective ways to protect yourself from the 3rd wave of deadly COVID-19

1.  Vaccine

The easiest, most efficient yet hardest way to protect yourself is by taking the vaccine that has been created by scientists. Covid vaccines are made available across the country in private as well public health centers for people to go and take. 

They have 2 doses that are to be taken between a certain time period that can be from 26 to 80 days depending on the type of vaccine. Even after being made available, many people are still not able to get slots for getting vaccinated as the number of centers is nothing compared to people willing to take vaccines. 

Therefore, be at your best and try to get vaccinated as soon as you can to be safe.

2.          Masks

A mask can indeed save your life. As the 3rd wave comes around the corner, prepare yourself for wearing a mask every time you go out. One has to be careful with the type of mask one wears. 

Double masks are proved to be more efficient than a single as well some masks are better at protection than others.  Therefore using a double mask is the best option.

3.          Personal hygiene

As simple as it sounds, one of the major reasons for the spread of this variety is that people do not maintain personal hygiene like washing hands before touching their face or consuming anything. 

Therefore one of the most simple yet important ways to protect yourself is to wash your hands regularly and avoid touching your face. Wash your hands, clothes every time you come back from any crowded place to avoid cross-contamination.  

Always wash or sanitize your hands before eating or preparing your food, touching surfaces, etc.

4.          Avoid going out

Lockdown or not, it is your own personal duty to be aware and protect yourself. Avoid going to public places if not completely necessary. Be it a park, mall or any other public place try avoiding visiting them for a while until the wave becomes weaker. 

Only go outside if necessary and when going out take every important precaution from wearing a mask to gloves ETC. Also, maintain proper distance whenever at any public place.

5.          Disinfect your personal belongings

Starting from your mobile phone to your wallet to your mask, everything should be regularly disinfected every day, whenever you go out. Also, try to disinfect any other surfaces at your home that come in contact with other people than you like your doorknob. 

Make sure your disinfectant is strong enough to kill the virus if any. Regularly washing and disinfecting will reduce the chance of getting infected.

Coronavirus might be a very strong and dangerous virus however it is not very hard to avoid oneself getting infected. Therefore take these common easy precautions along with others and protect yourself from them. 

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