Sunday , May 22 2022
Ways to a Healthier Lifestyle

5 Ways to a Healthier Lifestyle

We are all in love with the current global trend for healthy eating and an active lifestyle and if you have yet to take a good look at your lifestyle, looking for ways to create a healthier life, now is the perfect time to make a few life-changing changes to your lifestyle. Whether you are a personal trainer or a digital nomad, there are aspects of your daily routine that you can change to improve the quality of your life, which include the following.

  1. Daily Workouts – There’s no shortcuts when it comes to physical fitness and you could workout at home if you invest in a dumbbell and a few weights. You can follow YouTube workout routines or even hire a personal trainer, while attending the gym is another option. For the best deals in sports clothing and gear, check out, a leading supplier of the best brands at affordable prices.
  2. Fresh Fruit Drinks – You may not be aware that you can order special freeze fruit juice powder online; simply add cold water, stir and voila! Fresh fruit drinks! If you live in Thailand, fresh fruit is widely available and investing in a blender will result in delicious fruit smoothies. Either way, you should include fresh fruit and vegetables in your daily diet; there are small organic farms that sell their produce online and one order per week is all you need.
  3. Running – Whether on the treadmill or outdoors, slip on your running shoes and do a few km; early morning is the best time for this and that will set you up for your day. Wearing the right clothing and footwear is important when jogging on public roads, such as a hi-vis vest and resist the temptation to listen to music, as it is very dangerous to be without your hearing when jogging. In case you weren’t aware, dental care has an impact on your overall health & well-being.
  4. Plan for Some Me-Time – If you have a heavy workload and a family to take care of, it can be a challenge to find some me-time, but you should always spend an hour a day doing something you love. You might have to compromise and use the weight training time as your recreation, which it kind of is. Thirty minutes in the morning before you shower and another half hour at the end of the working day will assure that your major muscle groups are being worked.
  5. Take Up an Active Outdoor Hobby – Hiking, mountain bike riding or rock climbing are all great outdoor activities and with the Internet, you can source venues. Thailand is home to more than 100 national parks and you can immerse yourself in a diverse range of wildlife. There’s nothing to beat a 20-km ride bike ride to get your cardio going and work the major muscles and there are cheap road and mountain bikes from the online supplier.

If you live in Thailand, check out the current Covid-19 status, as things can change very quickly and by making a few positive lifestyle changes, you will be a healthier you.

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