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5 Warning Signs That Tell You Your Mac Is about to Crash

5 Warning Signs That Tell You Your Mac Is about to Crash


No matter how great it is,every piece of technology will eventually end up failing one fine day. The same is true of Apple products that are industry-leading in every sense of the way.Using an Apple device whether it is a MacBook or an iPhone gives you a cloak of invincibility.

You know you have the best device in the market, one that is better than everything else. However, like any piece of tech, it will give you some of the other warning signs that it is about to crash!

In this article, we look at five warning signs on Mac systems (MacBook and iMacs) that will let you know about the dangers you are about to face.

List of 5 Warning Signs that tell you your Mac is about to crash

  • Continuous and Abrupt Restarting Issues-

If you are someone that is facing sudden restarting issues on the Mac, you would have heard about the term ‘kernel panics’. The problem becomes intense if you see a small popup on the screen that relays the information to you and asks you to report the same to the Apple team. Many of these restarting issues can be triggered by both problems to the hardware as well as the software of the device. If you start experiencing restarts, it’s time you should be ready.

  • Screen Freezes and Spinning Wheels-

Macs are supposed to be fast. Switching between apps is supposed to be a freeze. A lot of experts say that the slowness of the system can be because of performance issues. it might simply be, because the disk space is exhausted, or that there are issues with your RAM. Reinstalling the macOS can be a way forward.

  • Fast Battery Drainage on your Mac-

Batteries deplete and lose strength over time. Battery issues can be because of an SMC, System Management Controller, issue. The SMC controls the normal upkeep of the system including optimizing the display and running the fan. The simple solution to the same is changing your battery. However, that is an expensive proposition in an Apple.

  • Abrupt changes in Fan Speed and Display Issues-

Over a period, your Mac’s fan speed will start sounding wrong. It will go high one moment and low the other. The same goes for display. It will keep readjusting itself every too often. As we already noted, all these factors are controlled by the SMC. Any problem in the SMC can be both hardware or software issues. All this can lead to CPU issues and would require you to visit the Apple Service Centre to sort them out.

  • The Mac is not switching on or Booting-

This is by far the most serious issue on the entire list. If your Mac simply refuses to boot up and you are seeing the black screen, white screen, and other abnormal scenarios, you need to be careful. One terrible consequence of Mac not booting up is that you may lose your data if there’s something wrong with the system. At this stage, you are advised to prepare yourself with data recovery software.

How to Protect your Data when your Mac Crashes?

Even though we might see the signs, there is a tendency to ignore them. In such cases, you need to ensure that you can recover and retrieve all the data that is there on your system. If you have not been able to take a backup and your system has crashed, you should not worry.

In recent years, there have been several credible products like iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac that can help you recover your files. A simple download and installation will help you scan the partition, show the preview of the lost files, and then recover the same.

The Bottom Line

Remember, your Mac system is not infallible. As it is one of the best pieces of tech in the market, it will let you know that there are issues you need to address. If you are smart enough, you will read these warning signs and take the necessary steps to avoid any inconvenience.

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