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Things that Hurt Girls Most

5 Things that Hurt Girls Most

Human feelings are complicated. Just like any other human being girls are also immune to some things and emotions that might not affect them at all. 

However, they are humans and are supposed to inhibit a lot of emotions, scientifically more than boys. Girls are considered very gullible when it comes to expressing emotion or getting hurt. 

Even though females are the strongest creatures but when it comes to their feelings, they can indeed get hurt, quite often. There are differences in intensity of how much one thing can hurt more than the other. 

Many people believe that hurting girls is very easy but it is not. Girls often undergo a lot of thought processes before they accept that they are indeed hurt by something. 

So if you are someone who wants to avoid or not hurting the girls in your life be it your children, friends, or girlfriends, check out these five things that supposedly can hurt a girl the most.

5 very common things that can hurt a girl the most:

  • Dishonesty

Just like most human beings, girls also when faced dishonestly are hurt the most. Dishonesty is one of the cruelest things one can do to someone else, whatever might be the reason there is no better reason to justify it. 

Girls often find it difficult to trust someone’s honesty at once. However, most of the time, even if there are red flags, they tend to believe in their honesty hence once their trust is broken they get hurt easily. 

Dishonesty can be very hurtful to girls when it comes from people they trust or have faith in, like friends or family. 

  • Ignorance

Girls require attention, care, and love just like other beings. They also expect to receive attention from people they love and those who are around them. 

Many times due to inevitable situations one might go ahead with the path of ignorance. Ignorance can be harmful to anyone especially when girls are ignored by the people who matter to them it hurts them the most.

  • Being joked about

Most of the girls are filled with a lot of insecurities. These insecurities have been growing on them since their birth and whenever they come across people who make jokes about them and their insecurities it hurts them the most. 

These are sensitive things and should never be joked about. Most of the girls get triggered when they are being made fun of hence they get hurt tremendously.

  • Breaking a promise

We know, it might sound very odd and mainstream however promises are big, and when you promise someone something you always try your best to keep it especially with girls. 

Breaking a promise isn’t the end of the world but when you promise something to a girl, they put faith in you and expect you to keep it and when you fail, their expectations are also brought down hence they get hurt. 

They might forgive you but they did get hurt.

  • Being compared to

One of the most hurtful things that a girl can face is being compared to someone who might be better than her. As mentioned girls have a lot of insecurities and are often triggered when they are picked on. 

Therefore when someone compares a girl to other girls or anyone they are obviously bound to be hurt. Every girl is unique and comparing them with others would not only hurt them but also eradicate this uniqueness. These are some of the things that can hurt a girl. We hope you got your answer and would try to not do these things.

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