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5 Of the Best Plumbing Hacks, You Should Know

Plumbing issues are something you couldn’t avoid in life. Whenever you’re living, whether it’s in a new house or old ones, in a tiny apartment or a big mansion, problems with the plumbing can arise seemingly out of nowhere sooner or later. And when this issue arises, you need to call Sydney plumbing professionals and have them come out to address the problem right away.

But there are actually some minor plumbing issues that you can solve on your own instead of hiring the professionals. Here are the five best plumbing hacks that you should know. Keep in mind that these hacks are only several maintenance tips to help you keeping the minor plumbing issue away before it gets more severe and needs the hand from the experts.

  • Toilet Issues

Toilet issues can be one of the most frequent plumbing problems to happen in the household. These issues also vary from unclogging to overflowing and running water. If you let this happens, it can cause your water bills to increase and even damage your home. You certainly don’t want this to happen, do you? But don’t worry, because we will let you know two simple ways that you can try to unclog the toilet by yourself.

First, you need to prepare hot water in a bucket and pour it down into the toilet. This method helps to break down the materials that cause the obstruction in the toilet. While for better cleaning results, you can mix it with detergent, hand soap, or shampoo.

Second, you can use a long-handled toilet plunger. With this tool, you need to carefully plunge the toilet first to ensure the water doesn’t spill out anywhere and make a “flood” in your toilet. Then, plunge harder in and out while maintaining the seal for 20-25 times.

  • Clogged Drains

Another plumbing issue that you might encounter at home is the clogged drains. Whether it is your kitchen drain, sink, or bathtub, all of them are very common to happen in the household. How to address these problems by yourself, then? You can start by ensuring there’s no stuff like leftover foods, hair, or others stuck in the drain and pull out if there’s any. Prepare hot water in a bucket and pour it down into the drain. Then, pour a quarter to a half cup of baking soda and a cup of warm vinegar into it as well. Wait for another 10 minutes before you pour another bucket of water down into the drain.

  • Leaky Faucets

A plumbing issue shouldn’t have to be severe to cause you problems in life. Even a small issue like a leaky faucet can increase your water bills drastically. The damaged washer mostly causes the problem. When you face this issue at home, tighten the base of the faucet using the correct wrench, and check whether the leak stops. If the leak continues, remove the faucet and replace the rubber washer inside, or replace the faucet itself.

  • Dripping Pipe Joints

Among other plumbing issues, dripping pipe joints can be one of the most damaging ones that cost you a lot of money. If you notice a leaking pipe at the connection, it’s best to have the professionals coming to your home and leave it to them. But there’s a way you can do to prevent the pipe joint from keep dripping. Grab the correct wrench to loosen the dripping pipe joint and prepare a bucket to collect the leftover water. Then, wrap the pipe’s threads using plumber’s tape and use the wrench to reconnect the pipes tightly. Once it has done, you won’t see any more leaks from that pipe joint since it’s connected tighter than before.

  • Frozen Pipes

When you notice any frozen pipes at home, check whether there are any cracks in the pipe. If there’s no crack, you can thaw the frozen pipe by wrapping a towel, which already soaked in hot water before, around it or simply use a hairdryer. Keep it that way for enough time to let it unfreeze. However, consider replacing the pipes if you find any cracks in the pipe.

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