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in Demand Cars in 2021

5 Most Popular in Demand Cars in 2021

With the pandemic spreading its wings widely in the year 2020, the automobile industry had received a major blow. People were not able to invest in this genre majorly due to poor economic condition and thus the entire condition was in the doldrums. 

However, 2021 has definitely brought in an array of hope and has instilled positivity. People are again investing in automobiles and thus the industry is currently seeing a surge from the crisis. 

Some of the most popular and in-demand cars which dominated the market in the year 2021 include, 

Top 5 cars which are in demand in 2021

  • Mahindra Thar

Coming from a prestigious company name like Mahindra, this beauty is priced from twelve lakhs. It is currently one of the best buys if you are quite adventurous and take your car on a stroll in the rocky terrains quite often. 

Developed with a massive attractive design, durability and class engraved all over, the Mahindra Thar is one of the best SUV cars to invest in 2021. 

It is an extremely powerful engine and is quite a sport. It is a safe as well as compact ride and a good choice if you are looking to buy for your family.

  • Kia Sonnet

Being one of the most sought after cars this year, the Kia Sonnet is definitely a great buy.  The price range starts from around seven lakhs and extends all the way to thirteen lakhs. 

It has both diesel and petrol engines and also boasts of features like power steering, an anti-lock braking system, a powerful air conditioning system and an engine displacement of 1493cc.  

The SUV also gives a mileage of 19.01 kilometre per litre. It has an automatic transmission type and is hence one of the most sought after buys of the year 2021.

  • Tata Nexon 

Addressed as the car of the next generation the Tata Nexon is one of the premium releases from the house of Tata. With a seating capacity of five people, it is quite a comfortable ride. 

The Tata Nexon gives you a mileage of 21.5 kilometres per litre and the engine displacement is 1497cc. The price range starts from around seven lakhs and extends up to twelve lakhs for a top model. 

This one too has features like power steering and an anti-lock braking system and is currently a favourite of the masses majorly due to its uber-stylish outlook.

  • Tata Altroz

Currently regarded as one of the most premium hatchbacks, the Tata Altroz is a great choice in the year 2021. It is quite incomparable in terms of safety and has quite a strong build which is absolutely suitable if you are making a purchase for family purposes. 

Features like reverse parking, Harman audio system and enough space for a comfortable ride, the Tata Altroz is priced at a starting range of 6 lakh and extends up to nine lakhs. It looks extremely classy and is simplicity-personified. 

  • Hyundai Venue

Coming from a trusted brand name like Hyundai, this one is one of the best purchases for this year. It is one of the best selling products from the Hyundai brand and is much more affordable as compared to other conventional automatics. 

The Hyundai Venue is priced at just rupees seven lakhs approximately. The stunning interiors coupled with an amazing outer edge gives it just the luxurious touch that most people hope of.

When it comes to cars, most people love researching well before going in for an investment. Most people opt-in for a car that will serve them in the future as well.

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