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5 Innovative Strategies to Prevent Forest Fire

Forest fires have been a bane to the US for centuries, but now we have new and more effective means to fight them.

Fire fighting is becoming safer with many new tactics, but you should know about them too so that you can do your part. Here are five innovative strategies to prevent forest fire.

1. Fire Fighting Reservoirs

One thing never changes: firefighting needs water to get things done. It has been that way for centuries, and that won’t change. However, forest fires can be mitigated by creating reservoirs in or around the areas that are regularly affected,

It does take a bit of coordination between the owners, the forestry authorities, and the fire department, but it can be done.

Firefighters can use natural water sources and other manmade water supplies such as wells, man-made ponds, dams, and cisterns, but maintaining a retention pond or reservoir can make the job easier as well.

However, these reservoirs should be regularly inspected to make sure their accessibility and functionality don’t degrade.

2. IoT Sensors

IoT, or the Internet of Things, sensors are another innovative way to combat forest fires.

There are several types of sensors that can help to identify fires quickly to help them remain under control:

  • Temperature sensors
  • Humidity sensors, and
  • Gas sensors ( CO and CO2 sensors)

If these are planted in regular areas and used effectively, they can help to curb and maybe even all-out stop forest fires before they get uncontrollable.

3. Aerial Surveillance Using Drones

Whoever has the high ground has the upper hand, looking at you Obi-Wan. When fighting fires, getting a lay of the land can greatly aid the firefighters to understand the spread and help plan the way they must engage it.

In the past, pilots, both commercial and amateur, were essentially conscripted into doing fly-overs with designated routes.

However, the advent of remote drones can decrease the risk of those pilots having to fly into smoke and increase the effectiveness of containing the fires.

4. Communications Equipment

Forest fires can only be effectively fought with active communication between fire services, the forest authorities, and other emergency personnel. Because of this, things like professional mobile phones and BK Fire Radios come standard.

5. Mapping

Forest fire fighting maps are integral to understanding high fire risk areas, which roads can be utilized in the case of emergency, as well as which areas can support heavy vehicles like fire engines and water tankers.

These maps are updated every five years or so, and they must be comprehensive for the fighters to have accurate information. But today, these maps can be detailed enough to make sure firefighters and emergency personnel can do the job as quickly as possible.

Prevent Forest Fire

Taking care of the environment is important, and helping to prevent forest fire is an integral part of that. With these five innovative ways, fighting fires in the future will be less dangerous and more effective.

However, the best way to prevent a forest fire is still to not make one at all. Do your part to help prevent forest fires.

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