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Gardens by The Bay

5 Exciting Activities that You Can Do at Gardens by The Bay

When you visit Singapore, don’t forget to stop by Gardens by the Bay to enjoy the magnificent views of man made oasis with lots of Instagrammable spots to enjoy.

It is one of the most favorite tourist attractions in the country and even local Singaporeans love this place.

Garden by the Bay is an award-winning cooled conservatory with the iconic Supertree. You can have recreational activities and educational programs in this garden. Even in some parts of it can be accessed for free, but you need to have Gardens by the Bay entrance tickets to enjoy all of the attractions available here.

Because The Garden itself is so huge, you need to allocate your time better when visiting this place so that you can enjoy every attraction it has to offer. Here are the most popular attractions in Gardens by the Bay that should be on your list.

1. The Flower Dome, An Endlessly Spring

Get ready to enjoy the sun, the pleasant smell of flowers, and the colorful memories inside the Flower Dome. This attraction itself is well known as the world’s largest glass greenhouse.

Hundreds of exotic plants from five continents await you; from Asian rainforest to African savannah. Take a picture or two near the flower you like the most and share it to your social media. The garden also has a 15 minutes free guided tour for you to learn more about the exotic plants. Flower dome brings you the world’s flora under one roof!

2. Supertrees Groves, Gigantic Trees Full of Light

One thing that you need to know, these man-made trees are 25 to 50 meters tall. Besides having tremendous height, these beauties also come alive to you at night with the display of beautiful light and mesmerizing sound.

The vertical garden is also a home for about 160,000 plants. The Supertree even can store rainwater and some can harness solar energy and power the gigantic Supertree with clean energy.

3. Up Closes to Sky with OCBC Skyway

If you’re more passionate about the sky or even want to look closer to the Supertrees, you might want to consider taking a walk on the aerial walkway that connects the Supertree. It will bring you 22 meters above the ground, closer to the sky.

Take an insta-worthy picture from the surrounding flora and a panoramic view of the garden. The best time to enjoy the scenery from OCBC Skyway is before the sun sets and where the lights of Supertree come alive.

4. Floral Fantasy, A Fairytale that Comes True

Be careful, you might lose yourself in this place. The Floral Fantasy is just like in the stories that your mom read you for bedtime stories.

It has amazing four garden landscapes called Dance, Float, Waltz, and Drift. Please try the 4D Ride theatre that lets you fly like a bird or butterfly during the simulated journey through the garden. It feels like your dream to become a fairy comes alive.

5. Heritage Garden, Getting Closer with Singapore and Its People

Find more about Singapore’s origins, culture, and people through this garden. You can have a close observation as well on the strategic position of Singapore on the Spice Route at this garden.

In this garden, you can enjoy four themed gardens that are divided based on the major ethnicity that lives in Singapore and the colonial era. You can even admire the Buddha statues under the Bodhi tree in the Chinese Garden or the kampung house in the Malay Garden.

Don’t limit yourself with the list above as you are free to enjoy every single attraction that is offered there. Book your Gardens by the Bay tickets online on Traveloka and skip the line.

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