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Online Learning Apps for Students

5 Best Online Learning Apps for Students in India

The Coronavirus pandemic has hit the world and changed the lifestyle of everyone. Parents are scared to send their children outside fearing the spread of this deadly infection as maintaining social distance is the ultimate priority of all.

Online learning has become the new normal. Parents, as well as students, have started choosing digital platforms over traditional coaching classes.

Students can now connect with their teachers over video conferencing through these learning applications and bring progress in their learnings. If you are a student who is looking for an online learning platform in India then here are some of the best ones you can have a look at.

1.  Khan Academy

The first free learning application where you can enroll is Khan Academy. This is chosen by many students because it focuses on building a strong conceptual understanding and bringing progress in the performance rate of the students.

Khan Academy consists of thousands of video lectures by teachers on a virtual blackboard which students can see anytime they want.

The teachers here are not just highly educated but experienced as well. This excellent learning application offers educational services from classes 1 to 12 along with other facilities for the candidates appearing for CAT, MCAT, IIT- JEE, SAT, and more.

2.  Byju’s Learning App

One of the most popular and leading learning applications in India is Byju’s. The brand ambassador of this learning application is Mohanlal and Shah Rukh Khan.

It caters to educational services by providing one-to-one mentoring to the school-going students (from kindergarten to class 12) and candidates appearing for the competitive exams.

Some of the competitive examinations that are served in Byju’s include IAS, UPSC, IIT- JEE, NEET, and more. Byjus is not free to use and comes with a Scholarship program as well for classes 4 to 12.

3.  Vedantu Live Learning App

Vedantu is another drastically growing educational platform that offers free access to the students for live online classes. This platform believes in providing tutoring to the students through live classes besides just providing recorded lectures, online study material, assessments, and more.

The goal of this educational platform is to provide hassle-free home tutoring which is why the app works effortlessly even with the slowest internet connection. It offers educational services to school-going students and candidates appearing for competitive examinations.

All the study lectures are equipped with co-curriculum programs like Turbo maths, rocket pro, coding, grammar, and more.

4.  Toppr

Next, we have Toppr in our list of the best online learning platforms in India that provide educational services to different types of boards available in India including ICSE, CBSE, Uttar Pradesh Board, and more.

It provides live learning, adaptive practices, mock tests, doubt clearing sessions, and more to the students from classes 8 to 12. Other than that, it supports and provides learning courses to the candidates appearing for competitive exams.

The basic subscription of this learning application is just Rs.30,000 only.

5.  Udemy Video Courses

One of the huge platforms available for Indian students is Udemy that offers video courses. There are different topics to choose from which you want to learn.

The courses available here are free as well as paid depending on what you prefer to select. With experienced and highly knowledgeable educators, the candidates are fully prepared in their respective fields.

Udemy does not provide learning like the school syllabus. It offers more than 2000 topics to learn which include marketing, photoshop, yoga, business development and programming, IT and software, personal development, designing, photography, and more.

It gives a perfect chance to the people to learn anything they want to and anytime.

These were some of the top Learning platforms in India that students can choose to select from. Not just trusted but has been leading because of their expertise and ability to prepare the students in their respective fields.

They have thousands of highly educated subject matter experts who are aware of all the teaching techniques that can help one to score maximum marks.

The online educational learning platforms have managed to build a bridge for the ones looking forward to achieving their dreams and fighting against the battle of this global pandemic. There is no doubt why you choose these above-mentioned platforms for yourself or your child.

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