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5 Best Games Like PUBG Mobile

The royal battle game becomes a craze for millions of gamers. It has increased the battle game genre very much. Fast games, winning motivation are the attractions of these games. However, the game is not appropriate for people of all ages. The craze has motivated other gaming innovators to make more new battle games nowadays. If you were a hardcore PUBG more play and want to change your taste in other battle games also then this article may help you select the next hot-game for you.

1.  Rules of Survival

The game is a battle royal game invented in Hong-Kong. It’s a very popular game beside Pubg with a biog 2 GB size. The frequency of updates with very unique modes such as flexible construction mode. It contains super buffs and skills including Infrared Scan, Zombie Status, and Super Body. The realistic light effect soothes eyes to play for hours. Up to 300 players can take part in the war field.

Price – Free. It’s available in Windows, iPhone, and iPads as well.

2.  PUBG Mobile Lite

The name PUBG Lite is itself defining that it’s a lighter version of the main game. Size is also not large, 60 MB. It can easily run in low-end desktop and basic android mobiles also. The experience is the same as PUBG but it’s quite simple to handle. It allows 40 to 60 players in a fast pace game. The unreal Engine 4 creates impressive and realistic game play on a 2kmx2km HD map. Even the 3D sound effects also win millions of hearts. The system keeps updated to make the game more interesting.

Price- Free. It’s available in Windows, Android, iPhone, and iPads as well.

3.  Call of Duty Mobile

It’s another famous game that can be played instead of PUBG. Up to 100 players can play in the royal battle background. The game layouts bring a great thrill to the PvP multiplayer. The active players can freely search, dominate, destroy, and play at the hardpoint as required. It’s a big size game of 2.1 GB.

Price- Free. It’s available in Windows, Android, iPhone, and iPads as well.

4.  Garena Free Fire

Garena free fire is a small size game of 578 MB. At a time 49 players can play the survival game. It’s a very interesting game that, every 10 mins the players are sent to a remote island to fight for survival. The motion is very fast that the players drive their vehicles to explore the island, sometimes becoming invisible and hiding in trenches. Smooth graphics, easy to handle and low storage has made the game more reachable to the gamers.

Price- Free. It’s available in Windows, Android, iPhone, and iPads as well.

5.  Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival

This is a big name game with a small size of 346 MB. It is also a survival game. A total of 121 players can jump into the land to rescue them. The smooth operational method and simple control have made the game easier to play. Excellent game strategy, good luck, and strong execution give life to the game.

Price- Free. It’s available in Windows, Android, iPhone, and iPads as well.

We have tried our best to suggest some popular battle games beside PUBG Mobile. These 5 games can be considered a good alternative to PUBG Mobile.  All of the games are easily available in the Play Store and iCloud. The most important point is, the games can be played online and offline as well. So, without wasting time just select the suitable battle game and start playing.

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