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4 Underrated Aspects of SEO Strategizing

4 Underrated Aspects of SEO Strategizing

SEO is one of the most important parts of digital advertising out there.  From building your company into one that people feel like they can trust to creating chances for your business to show up higher in the search results more often, SEO strategizing is a must.

These are four underrated aspects and why they matter.

Why You Need a Strategy

If you’re new to SEO, you’re unfortunately probably going to end up falling for mistakes and cliches that would have worked twenty years ago.  SEO is constantly evolving and changing in an attempt to keep low-quality sites from ranking high and possibly leading browsers to scammers or less-trustworthy websites. 

A good SEO strategy from a good SEO Company helps you prove that your site is worthy of being trusted and that customers should go to you first.  These are the top aspects that will help you create the strategy to do that.

1- Creating Mobile Accessible Sites

A third of internet users only access websites from a mobile device.  Although this doesn’t sound like much: if you don’t cater to them, you’re cutting yourself off of a third of your possible revenue.  When you’re building your website, it’s important to take the time to create a mobile version of your site that will make sense and be usable on mobile devices.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it does have to be intuitive and easy to use on mobile.

2- Updating Content

If your company has pages that are out of date, old, or untouched: this isn’t going to help your company.  You could have thousands of articles and useful bits of information, but if they’re out of date or untouched, they’re not going to be useful and will show up further back in search results.  Update your older pages often, and try to keep on top of ensuring your site has new content every day.

3- Internal Linking

When most businesses think about link building, they only consider the links that are leading to their sites from other places on the internet.  Unfortunately, this leaves out a giant option for them: internal linking.  Internal links help users look at other items throughout your site while already within it.  The more time you can get them to sink into your company’s site: the more likely they’ll be to buy or invest in you.

4- CTR Optimization 

Click-through rate matters because it’s the easiest way to keep track of how many users are accessing your sites through the links you scatter throughout the internet.  This gives you information on which links are most useful, what type of advertising works best for you, and what you should invest in to get more purchases.  You should follow up on the conversion rate for each of these click-throughs to see which are buying the most and consider this information in your next advertising campaign. 

Strategy Can Change Everything

Whether this is your first step into SEO or you’re trying to figure out if you’ve been doing things the right way, SEO strategizing can help anyone succeed.  Get to know these four aspects, and your company will start performing how you need it to.

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