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Real Estate Buyer's Agent

4 Advantages of Having a Real Estate Buyer’s Agent

Are you one of those people who thinks it should take only one real estate agent to sell a home? This plan might work for some people some of the time. But it isn’t always the wisest choice—especially for those new to the game.

You might ask, “Why use a real estate buyer’s agent when I don’t need to?” Well, the answer is “a lot of reasons.” And the reasons might give you some food for thought.

We’ll discuss the benefits of a buyer’s agent and why you might need one.

1. You’re Unfamiliar With the Location

Many long-distance moves result from job changes and thus tend to have short time frames for relocating. There’s a lot to do besides buying a new home—though, of course, that is a vital necessity.

Hiring a buyers agent who is familiar with the market and the various neighborhoods can be a godsend. Plus, they’re working for you, so there should be no conflict of interest.

2. A Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Is an Advocate

Consider the seller and their interests. Whether that party is the current homeowner or a construction company selling a new build, they have several others working to support their interests.

This is especially true with a newly built unit that was not constructed on spec, as many are. The model you’ve seen might look very nice, but it’s not necessarily what you’re going to get for what you can afford.

If it’s not a newly built home you’re considering, the seller will have a dedicated agent. Even if you have home buying experience, hiring a buyer’s agent to advocate for you is still a wise idea.

3. A Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Is an Expert

Homebuyers tend to make mental comparisons between homes for sale and those where they currently live. As they say, “the grass is always greener…” It’s easy to get caught up in possibilities.

But you need someone to give you reality checks, too. A buyer’s agent can be your reality check for spotting things that aren’t quite right, like a water stain on the ceiling or a closet door that’s stuck shut.

Of course, this is all in addition to how a buyer’s agent can help with various forms and protocols, not to mention their “insider” connections.

4. You’re Buying in a Seller’s Market

Among the benefits of a buyer’s agent is being able to help in a seller’s market. A seller’s market is a real estate market with more buyers than sellers at a given time.

That means that many prospective buyers will need to bid higher than the asking price on desirable homes.

Unlike you, though, a buyer’s agent has connections and experience. So they can negotiate on your behalf with other agents to secure the best possible price.

Being able to spot and point out hidden weaknesses in the home doesn’t hurt, either.

Don’t Buy Before Hiring a Buyer’s Agent

Navigating the housing market can be quite a challenge—especially if you are new to the home buying experience. There are also compelling reasons to want a buyer’s agent even if you have bought and sold homes in the past.

Why use a real estate buyer’s agent? It’s so you don’t get caught off guard when navigating the housing market. That person will help you in the usual ways and some unexpected ones. Your home buying needs will be their only focus. Was this article helpful? We often feature real estate-related content. So come back to our site for more!

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