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Right Glassware For Your Dining Needs

3 Pieces Of Advice For Choosing The Right Glassware For Your Dining Needs

Glassware can make or break a party at your house. Whether you are having relatives over for holiday festivities or having a housewarming party with all of your local friends, using the right glassware is an important way to make sure you are serving a tasty and strong cocktail, a fashionable and functional glass to your guests.

There are hundreds of different styles and types of glassware to use, all of which serve an important process and function in regards to your specific event. You can choose glassware that is only functional, or you can choose glassware that enhances the aesthetic of your space while also keeping functionality.

Let’s see the top three pieces of advice for choosing glassware for your home.

Top THREE tips to choosing glassware

Although selecting glassware and kitchen sets may not be the first thing on your mind when moving into a new apartment or home, choosing a quality and long-lasting product is a great way to enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen and make your house guest-ready.

Different types of stemware

There are different types of stemware when it comes to wine glasses in your glassware collection. Stemware refers to having a stem between the bowl of the glass and the foot, with this type of glass traditionally being used for wine and used at fancy dinner parties.

Stemware is available in different styles and sizes depending on what drink you are having, whether it be red or white wine. When shopping for stemware, you should only browse high-quality products from reputable companies, like Tom Dixon.

Champagne glasses

Although you may not drink champagne every day after work, having champagne for important events is commonplace in society. When having parties, champagne is a drink that is commonly served towards the end of the night, so having glassware that works with bubbly is key to creating a nice dinner aesthetic.

Champagne glasses are available in different styles, shapes, and pieces. The traditional champagne glass is a souped shape with a smaller stem, while tulip glasses can distinctly impact the tasting and sipping experience. Look for glasses that are light in weight and stable when put on a table, browsing websites like Tom Dixon.

White wine glasses

White wine glasses differ in their shape and size, usually having a smaller glass area than the red wine glass. White wine is always served chilled, which is why this type of drink has a different glassware shape than red wine.


Choosing glassware can be complicated – but it shouldn’t be. By browsing high-end products, like those from Tom Dixon, you can ensure you choose functional and stylish pieces that enhance your dining space and work well for family and friend parties

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