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10 Ways to Save Water

Water is a natural resource and we know that one-fourth of the earth is the land and the rest is covered with water. Ever thought even after stating that the most part of the earth is covered with water why do we still need to save it?

This is because of the increasing population, global warming, increase in the droughts and so on. Today, it has become necessary to save water as much as possible. But how can we save water? Well, that is the reason we are here. Today, we’ll talk about the 10 ways to save water. Let’s have a look.

The 10 ways to save water

Here we have discussed the ten easiest ways we can save water for the future. There can be many more ways to do that. But at least, if we follow these, then it would be a great help for mankind. So let us all follow these correctly.

  • Check for leaks

The first thing you can do is check for the leaks that are present in different areas in your home itself. Check for the leaks in the pipes, hoses, taps, faucets and more.

The leaks that we have inside our house we may fix easily. But the leaks that are in the lawn or garden, are most of the time ignored by us because those leaks do not mess with our floor or keep us awake at night. However, they are responsible for the wastage of water and should always be fixed as soon as possible. 

  • Use bathtub dividers

Use bathtub dividers to save water while bathing your child. This helps in quickly building a section of a smaller space of the bathtub for your child.

It also helps in creating a safer space and a comfortable one for bathing your baby. Using a divider will help in practising the motto to save water and save energy. These bathtub dividers fit flexibly in most of the bathtubs. It may look like little savings, but when it gets multiplied, it saves tons of water.

  • Look after your children that they do not play with hoses and sprinklers

Make sure that your child does not play with hoses, sprinklers or with the tap with running water on a hot day. Let your child realize the importance of saving water; it’s your responsibility to teach him/ her the initial lessons of life to make a better future for them.

  • Use shower heads that save water

Use shower heads that save water while bathing. Showerheads allow in lowering the volume of the water while giving you a better experience of bathing than in a bathtub. Using a showerhead will allow you to save up to 440 gallons of water per month.

There are specifically designed shower heads that save water. In the sense, it automatically stops showering when you are not standing underneath. There’s a sensor attached to it which sprinkles water only when someone stands under it.

  • Plant drought-resistant plants

Many of us are nature lovers and we love greenery. But some of us still don’t understand that water is also a part of nature and we need to save it.

So try to plant drought-resistant plants and trees that do not thrive irrigation to survive. This will give us the greenery we need and will also save water.

  • Close the tap while you are not there

Close the running tap while you are busy with some other activity like washing the utensils, brushing your teeth, washing your face, rubbing the soap on your body, shaving and others.

We often are very careless about it and forget to close the running tap which results in a huge amount of water loss. But taking proper steps will help in saving water more than you can think of.

  • Use automatic dishwashers and washing machine for full loads only

Always use a dishwasher and washing machines for full loads only because every time someone runs a dishwasher they waste about 20 gallons of water. In the case of a washing machine, it wastes about 30 gallons of water per usage.

Wait till the dishes and clothes are enough to load the machines fully so that we can utilize the water fully.

  • Try to take short showers

If you go for a typical shower it means you are wasting about ten gallons of water every minute! It’s unbelievable, but it’s a true fact. So try to take short showers when a complete shower is not mandatory.

  • Do not play games that involve water wastage

Try not to play games that involve the use of water, such as using water guns and water balloons. The games of such types of waste gallons of water one can ever think of.

  • Use energy-saving devices

Try to replace your old machinery at home with energy-saving technologies like dishwashers and washing machines to save water more.

This will not only save money but will also help in saving the natural resources. In conclusion, it is our responsibility to save water and make people aware of the ways they can save it. So keep calm and save water as much as you can to build a better tomorrow.

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