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10 Reasons To Study Abroad in Italy

10 Reasons To Study Abroad in Italy

Situated in the Mediterranean belt of Europe, Italy is a historic and beautiful country. Its centuries-old history and traditions have influenced all aspects of life, including their way of life and development of music, cuisine and overall attitude to life. A visit here will tell you how much they value their history and origins.

Today, education in this country is very highly regarded. So, it’s not surprising that it has several academic institutions that welcome students interested in pursuing a subject of their choice. In fact, part of this country’s glorious history lies in the fact that it has played an active role in developing higher education in Europe. Students who come to study in Italy from different countries and cultures learn much more than what’s taught in the classroom. They also learn from their interactions with students of other ethnicities and by being in this vibrant and dynamic country.

If you too are ready to make this exciting journey to study and live in a new land, meet new people in a land of history and culture, then Italy’s the place for you. Before you set out on your journey to this incredible land, stop for a moment and consider all the reasons why you’re making this move, taking this big step.

Here are 10 of the most amazing reasons why Italy should be your choice of international study destination:

  1. A choice of the best universities with an enviable international environment

Italy has a superb blend of multiethnicity and an international environment. It has some of the top private and public universities. One prestigious university students clamour for admission to is the University of Bologna. This is the first university that began giving courses in Western higher education. Some of the better universities are:

  • Politecnico Di Milano
  • European School of Economics
  • Sapienza University of Rome

2. It is affordable for most international students to study here

In terms of tuition fees and living costs, Italy is truly affordable for most students. The average tuition fee for all degree courses ranges between 850 EUR per year to 1000 EUR. Living costs range between 700 to 1,000 EUR/month.

While the most expensive cities in Italy are Rome, Bologna and Milan, the relatively cheaper ones are Padua, Turin and Pisa.

3. Multiple ways of travelling in the country

You can pay a small sum for a bus or train ride in Italy. Most large Italian cities are well connected to European and other countries through 87 airports. Train travel here is easy and common.

4. Italy—full of historical wonders

While you study in Italy, you should take advantage of being near world-renowned historic sites like the Leaning Tower, Vatican and the Colosseum. There’s a lot to see and explore at these sites, so you will do more than study in Italy.

5. Art or architecture

If art or architecture is your subject, you’re in the right country. After all, here you’ll find architectural monuments everywhere. Big or small, they serve as a reminder of days gone by. As a student of art or architecture, they will help you see things differently and inspire you to experiment and achieve.

6. Italy doesn’t sleep

Life starts late in the evenings in Italy and goes on till the wee hours. There’s a lot of life out in the streets, restaurants, cafes and bars. People are out to enjoy themselves, whether it’s just a stroll in the evenings before dinner or they are dining out. Shops too close late and all of this makes it easier for students to get around and get a feel of Italy’s social life.

7. Courses are difficult to choose

Are you interested in getting a degree in Medicine, Engineering, Law, Arts, Computers, Marketing, Architecture or Fashion Design? If you’re keen to study in Italy, these are just some of the many courses you can take that are taught in English, as many of the courses here are. Depending on your choice, you will have to appear for anything between 20 and 50 exams before you are awarded a degree.

8. Beautiful weather all year-round

Once you come here, you’ll realize that being situated in the Mediterranean region gives this country salubrious weather all through the year. Here, it is warmer than in other parts of North European countries. The sky here is blue for the most part and temperatures are usually warm. Of course, winters can be cold but come spring and everything gets back to life.

However, even the cold winter allows one to indulge in winter sports. So, if you’re studying in Italy, not only can you experience all of this but you will realize the effect of the weather on your energy.

9. Enrich yourself with an abundance of opportunities

The air in Italy and the many opportunities you get to visit ancient museums and other monuments will help you open a window of your mind to become an international citizen and a well-rounded person. Who knows when and how you will get opportunities to combine your Italian experience with a project on hand.

10. The best cuisine in the world

The world over, Italian cuisine is restricted to pizza and pasta. But by spending a little time in this country, you will realize that there’s much more to this cuisine. Italian cuisine isn’t plant-based, there are a lot of non-vegetarian dishes that make this cuisine not just delicious but also rich in nutritional content and a healthy option too.

And, as in any international city, here too you will find a range of fine dining places and equally fast food restaurants too. So, no matter what your individual taste in food maybe, you’re sure to find it in Italy.

Conclusion For all these reasons and many more, Italy will always remain at the top of any student’s list of educational destinations. If you want to study in a multi-ethnic environment and enjoy an exclusive international experience, opt for Italy and make your move to go there and study. Give yourself a chance to say,’ Wow!’

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