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10 Budget Car Tuning Options

10 Budget Car Tuning Options

Not all motorists can boast of a fat wallet, but most of them, sooner or later, want to transform their vehicle in some way. This is where a very tricky dilemma arises – is it worth doing tuning at all if the budget is limited?

Here it is immediately worth clarifying, tuning can be different. There is a super expensive one that can be faced while renting a Ferrari UAE with excellent rental service, a wide choice of luxury cars for any taste, and different wallet thickness. Here the tuning really matters – locals as well as tourists choose the most luxury options among rental cars to get the best driving experience as well as impress others.

But there is also a budget one, quite accessible to the general public. Further in the article, we will discuss what specific manipulations you can transform your car almost beyond recognition without going beyond the budget limits.

1. Quality service

Some owners of inexpensive vehicles run their four-wheeled friend to such an extent that tuning for him will be an elementary cleanup on board. Good motor oil, new tires, spark plugs, new brake pads – all of these can actually transform your car quite well.

2. Weight loss

This technique is more suitable for fans of extreme tuning. You do not need to purchase anything, on the contrary, we get rid of excess ballast. Think about what you can remove from the car without too much damage to your comfort. Who knows, maybe this also will inspire you to take care of yourself, if there is such a need.

3. Sports steering wheel

The interior of the car, when replacing the steering wheel, is transformed instantly, because today, mostly bulky steering wheels stuffed with airbags and the most bizarre controls are in use. If such castling does not bother you, then it is quite possible to give a little sportiness to your car and feel almost like a racer.

4. More efficient exhaust system

Mostly, such a technical maneuver is carried out to attract attention. However, not only the “voice” is inherent in such exhaust systems. In many cases, the exhaust gases will break free with much less resistance. On eBay, it is quite possible to find an inexpensive stainless steel exhaust system.

5. Zero resistance filter

It so happened that on the Internet you can often find real battles about the effectiveness of these devices. In fact, here you just need to know one important nuance. Despite their simplicity and low cost, these filters offer all their advantages only on some configurations of power units. For other motors, in most cases, such methods are useless.

6. Anti-roll bars

Upgrading is simple and inexpensive, but what efficiency it will offer you when dashing through tight turns. SPU is a metal rod fixed on the suspension, thereby reinforcing the chassis by reducing flexibility.

7. Chip tuning

It is inexpensive and for its implementation, it is not necessary to disassemble half of the motor. By flashing the electronic unit, you can more fully unlock the potential of your car. At the factory, the machine is set up in accordance with the conditions where it will be operated, as well as for environmental safety, which can actually be delicately circumvented by resorting to the services of professionals.

8. Alloy wheels

This variation of external tuning is one of the most common. After all, really, what else can modify a car like this, if not a set of brand new, sparkling with a “licked” surface of cast wheels. Henry Ford once said – “80% of the beauty of a car is in its wheels.” Of course, often such products are expensive, but you can resort to a tricky move – buy a used kit.

9. Good tires

If you have money for only one type of tuning, it is best to buy a set of good tires. The car is in contact with the road surface only with them, and therefore, a lot in the behavior of the car depends on the quality of the tires. There will be a stable sharp start, deceleration, as well as holding turns. Carefully approach the choice of products and do not spare money.

10. Brake discs and pads

This option is equally suitable for both lovers of safe driving and supporters of excitement. In the long run, the investment in the braking system will not seem like much: by purchasing spare parts at a bargain price and, accordingly, of poor quality, you will go bankrupt faster than by buying a really worthwhile material.


All of the above transformations will not turn your car into a street racing participant, but having a sufficient and usually not large amount of money in your pocket, will quench your thirst for a long time to get something new from your car.

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