Thursday , September 29 2022
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Mia Khalifa Biography – Age, Breast Size, Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Family, Career & More

Mia Khalifa – A famous name in porn industry. Everyone wants to know about porn actress Mia Khalifa. Here we have shared some important information about Mia Khalifa actress.

Mia Khalia also known as Mia Callista is a famous name in porn industry. If you are one among the porn lovers then you must have heard the name of Mia khalifa before and watched hot videos of Mia Khalifa. Mia Khalifa was born on 10 Feb 1993. In 2011 Mia Khalifa married to her high school boy friend but they get separated in 2014 and finally they get divorce in 2016. Before starting her career in adult film industry Mia Khalia worked at burger restaurant “Whataburger”. At that time one of her customers said to try luck in pornography. Then in October 2014 she started her career in adult film industry.

Mia Khalia worked in adult films from October 2014 to 2015. There were lots of fans of Mia Khalifa porn Videos and Mia Khalifa Sexy Videos. Within 2 months of her adult industry career Mia Khalifa became world popular with her award winning performance in adult film industry and became PornHub’s top ranked adult actress. Mia Khalia became the most searchable porn actress on “Pornhub” and got more than 1.5 million views.

In 2015, Timeflies – a famous pop brand issued a song titled “Mia Khalifa” to honor Mia Khalifa. In July 2016 Mia Khalifa ranked on 5th position in the list of “The world’s 10 most notorious porn stars” in British Men’s magazine.

After leaving adult film industry she started her career as webcam model & sports commentator.

Mia Khalia Birth Name Mia Khalifa
Mia Khalia Nick name Mia Callista
Mia Khalifa Date of Birth 10 Feb 1993
Mia Khalifa Birth Place Beirut, Lebanon
Mia Khalifa Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Mia Khalifa Qualification Bachelor degree in History
University The University of Texas at El Paso, USA
Mia Khalia Profession Adult Actress
Mia Khalifa Food Habit Non Vegetarian
Mia Khalifa Smokes Yes
Mia Khalifa Drinks Alcohol Yes
Mia Khalifa Hair Color Dark Brown
Mia Khalifa Eye Color Black
Mia Khalifa Sexual Orientation Straight
Mia Khalifa Weight 55 KG
Mia Khalifa Height 5’2”
Mia Khalifa Body Size Measurements 40-26-36
Mia Khalifa Breast Size 40 inches
Mia Khalifa Waist Size 26 inches
Mia Khalifa Hips size 35 inches
Mia Khalifa Bra Size 34B
Mia Khalifa Feet/Shoe Size 6 (US)
Mia Khalifa Dress Size 8 (US)
Mia Khalifa Favorite Sport Football
Mia Khalifa Official Website
Mia Khalifa Instagram
Mia Khalifa Twitter
Mia Khalifa Facebook

I Hope you liked the information about Mia Khalifa.

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